July 20, 2011 – More Restaurants on Board!

Gosh it’s exciting seeing some old and new friends sign on to Eat Local Week 2011!  We’re pleased to welcome back Dandelion Communitea Cafe as a participant in this year’s event.  We’re also excited that two new participants, Pine 22 and The Rusty Spoon, have officially signed on!  Here’s a little more about each of the restaurants:

More about Dandelion Communitea

Dandelion Communitea Cafe is a beloved organic cafe located in the heart of Orlando, Florida which serves healthy vegetarian fare and premium loose leaf tea. Established in March 2006, Dandelion is a landmark establishment attracting loyal locals as well as a must-visit destination for health conscious tourists.  Dandelion uses fresh, local, organic ingredients whenever possible and is Green Certified by Green America.

618 N. Thornton Ave
Orlando, FL 32803

More about Pine 22

Pine 22 is all about burgers, Bordeaux, BBQ, half bottles of wine and beer…

They have over 322,000 ways to make your burger. They offer angus beef, turkey, pulled pork and black bean burgers. All are grass fed, 100% natural, antibiotic, hormone, and chemical free. Everything is locally grown and sourced when possible.

22 East Pine Street
Orlando, FL 32801

More about The Rusty Spoon

The Rusty Spoon celebrates the Great Food and Pub Atmosphere; American Cuisine rooted in European Flavors. Their menu is sourced from Florida farmers and the herdsman feed the animals all natural diets; free from hormones, free from antibiotics and any unnatural supplements. The produce is seeded and cultivated to sustain the farm and the local community. Their farmers cultivate products you love, food stuffs that are in-season and don’t travel by trains, planes, or 18-wheelers. Their food is simply delicious; it starts local and stays local! Locavores welcome!

55 W. Church Street
Orlando, FL 32801

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